Independent media oriented to experimental electronics, industrial music and elaborate techno. You can send us your proposals, but we will value according to our criteria if it follows our line, since we only publish about everything that we find really interesting.

Industrial Complexx is a music magazine, as well as a promotional service for labels and artists.

1 thought on “About”

  1. hello from Berlin.
    perhaps you’re interested in what we are doing …

    Non Toxique Lost


    All in all it’s very German …” (Peter Bronco, The Avantgarde World)

    kind regards
    Sea Wanton (on behalf of ‘Non Toxique Lost’)
    ps. thanks for the ‘Esplendor Geometrico’ interview. really, I listened to their muzak in the 80s for the first time (do you remember the German cassette-label ‘Datenverarbeitung’?) and had a short meeting/talk with the guys, when we played the ‘Wroclaw Industrial Festival’, (Wroclaw, Poland) in 2010. shit – time flies …

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