Andy Garvey – Complex Clarity [Lobster Theremin]

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FBi and triple j radio host, co-founder of Nectar, ‘Pure Space’ label boss, DJ and Producer – Andy Garvey is a leading force in the Australian scene. Following her debut EP in 2019, he publishes again on Lobster Theremin. Garvey brings machine funk, acid alchemy and tripped out explorations to LT UNDR with the excellent ‘Complex Clarity’ EP.

‘Red Stars’ is a safari through mind-warping levels of cosmic funk and tangy acid lines, slipping into the pacey yet melancholic space-jam, ‘Mind Games’. Next, laid-back track, ‘Sub.conscious’, is a slo-mo, dream-powered cruise through the vortex. On the B-side, ‘8808808.08’ ramps it up a notch – glitchy, omnimous, body music permeates the airwaves. Finally, chuggy ‘Complex Clarity’ rounds out the EP with Garvey’s signature sound – deeply mesmerising with a hint of nostalgia.

Release date: March 20th, 2020.


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