Bromo – No Signal [Remixed] Vol​.​1 & Vol.2 [Oigovisiones Label]

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There are projects that are worth taking up again so that they are not forgotten, to give them continuity and to be able to see them from different perspectives. No Signal is still two years later a unique and highly original album, every nuance, every sequence and every texture was painstakingly chosen and composed to create a group of ecosystems within the same sonic environment. The delicacy and purity of its context convey a kind of brittle and easily alterable freedom. Two years later, Oigovisiones gives us two new chapters of this album originally published by Bromo, an audiovisual project formed by Paloma Peñarrubia and Azael Ferrer.

Last October, the Spanish label based in Malaga released a first sequel to this album and will recently publish the second volume. Plurality and freedom of interpretation enrich the entire body of work; the original volatility of Copuos mutates into a rough landscape with Sonae, spiritual with Lost Twin and subtle with Sonae. Helium 3 is steady and lively rhythmically with BeatLove‘s version, while Caradusanto advocates confusion and mental playfulness with a tangle of layers that continually intertwine and overlap. No Signal, the title track, undergoes four interesting transformations; Bordeos adds intensity to the polyrhythms, The Lacemaker degrades it to an arid setting, Claraguilar manages to charge the original fragility of No Signal with beauty and positivity, and Animatek fills a place hidden behind the shadows with activity and vitality.

Golden Race contracts and expands at the same time with Dode’s remix and its psychotic edge, although the Pirámide collective takes the liberty of adding lyrics to a binary, sound-spectrum-heavy version, and Cravat decides to take it to a celestial realm. No Gravity only features a remix by Ivankovà, who trades electronic clips for the solemnity and mournful integration of an organ overlaid by prolonged low key chords. Radiation gains in intensity with Erinaq’s version, Murcof however creates a plot that varies in location and landscape a few times and at just under 6 minutes, and Ylia‘s track is on firm, solid ground. Military Space is the last cut on the original album, Nicroma chooses to transport the listener to a conflict zone where heavy weaponry and corrosive ammunition abound, Cruhda‘s choice is to incorporate human presence on a devastated surface, and Flow Lab Kid returns to this same scenario transforming the void with new sprouts and organisms.

Release dates: No Signal vol.1 – October 13th, 2022. No Signal vol.2 – Coming soon.


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