Cándido – Beatalicio [Soil Records]

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Soil Records divides its catalogue into two series according to their physical support. Until now there was a quite substantial difference in terms of the style published in each format, with the vinyl releases we could know beforehand that they were going to have a direct line, with a techno and a very particular sound, and mostly directed to the dancefloor, but the fourth delivery published in this support varies quite a bit from the previous ones in terms of musical genre.

Orlok 101, SOJ, Autumns and Verset Zero are the authors of the 3 previous references, the style that these four artists show in these installments combined techno with influences from industrial, dark ambient and olskool electronic music, but this more recent work deviates slightly from the way. Its sound is clearly represented in this record label, it doesn’t differ at all from its line, but knowing beforehand how it has worked until now, surely we would have placed the album in the editions published in cassette.

Beatalicio discovers the enormous talent of the Argentine producer Cándido to elaborate music from influences of the EBM, New Wave or subgenres of the hardcore punk of the 90’s. This album, besides being a magnificent work, faithfully expresses the primary sound of these styles.

Release date: July 25th, 2019.


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