Dagmar Gertot – Os Lacrimale [Cyclic Law]

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Russian experimental musician and performance artist Dagmar Gertot debuts with Os Lacrimale, a 8-track album released on Cyclic Law. Here we find a dream-like sound informed by her dream state experiences. Strident elements meet operatic vocals and sparse sounds in a highly experimental atmosphere which surely benefits from the visual element during her performances.

If Iron Cradle welcomes us with horns and theatrical vocals full of primitive energy, a track with a sort of “jazzy” feeling where the voice is the protagonist, Non Healing Wound is a droning mantra with improvised orchestrations working as eerie ghosts with their dissonances.

Two-Headed Roe Deer is a collection of broken piano notes and shrilling arches, an unsettling composition upon which the artist uses her chanting vocals in an oneiric, almost acid, soundscapes. Nude Metemorph employs more of harmonic approach recalling Badalamenti’s work, but in a twisted and darker version which progressively becomes more and more ominous.

Os Lacrimale works like the soundtrack for a performance, using sparse sounds allowing the space for images and movements while the artist vocals follows operatic mantras disappearing and returning as a ghost. If you love experimental music with droning and ritualistic elements, this is the work you want to listen to.

Release date: November 27th, 2020.

Text by: Davide Pappalardo.


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