edB – Durée [Faith Disciplines]

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Soon it will be two years since the first release of Faith Disciplines and so far we can see that the project works from the anonymity, we absolutely do not know its origin (although in its bandcamp page they appear as Guineans), and that its musical line is oriented to experimental genres.

Today, April 6th, 2020, Faith Discplines launches its eleventh reference. Durée is a work by the French producer edB, a 13-track album with a solid, wide and very rich in nuances style, which develope within a peaceful environment with very good vibrations.

Début is the track that opens the album, and if there is something to highlight about this work it is its musicality and its continuous changes and melodic turns. Attente is a more stable track, with few variations, a permanent chord and fleeting arpeggios. Marée 1 is situated in an imperturbable tonality, with several sound sources executing the same tone to which a few degraded textures accompany. With Espace, edB enters another chromatic world with a timbre directed mainly by the sound of the marimba. Moment is another great melodic combination, but this time it uses a pentatonic scale more typical of Chinese and Japanese folk influences. Delai mainly performs on a minor third interval, with long pads and quaver performances.

Rèvolution is the eighth track of Durée, and unlike the rest, in this one there is a percussive part with a rhythmic pattern that is superimposed on the rest of the sound elements. Variable is a work that starts with the passivity of long sounds and gradually gains dynamism with the arpeggio. With Mèmoire, the sound resource is also the arpeggio, a succession of high notes that accompany some chords that provide placidity to the track. Marèe deserves to be a worthy tune to well-being, peace and happiness. With Latence, edB generates rhythm again with drums, although these end up merging with part of the melody. Fin is the last track of this album, its author says goodbye to the release with a small battle between corrosive textures and pleasant textures but, with a brilliant result and very appropriate to finish the album.

Release date: April 6th, 2020.


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