Error Etica – Section Roots Serie 2 [Psychoskunk]

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Psychoskunk publishes a second part of Section Roots Series in which again its top manager leads this release with a more participatory profile. Already in the first chapter, Error Etica used this same formula but this time only included a remix of the Italian project r2π, now the work is more distributed and there are several artists who collaborate with this new episode.

Section Roots Series II provides diverse points of view of the original work of Error Etica, the Spanish producer is the one who opens the EP with his own track, then the interpretations are plural and very personal on the part of each author.

Inductors V2 is the track that opens the album and the only contribution of Victor Martínez (Error Etica) that we are going to find in the physical format. The vinyl contains four tracks and with this first one the host directs his work towards a direct techno in which rhythmic motives predominate, a volatile and degraded synth line, and continuous modulations.

The second cut of the A-side is Hironori Takahashi‘s version of Diatonic Scale, a track that appears in the first part of Section Roots Series and in which the Japanese producer assigns a marked metric that is giving way to forcefulness in the presence of heavy and sharp drones.

The legendary English producer Nick Dunton contributes with his pseudonym 65D Mavericks to Schematisch Diagram’s version. Error Etica records the original cut live as a way of exploration and sound research, as an experiment to which ingredients are added and subtracted throughout the process to find a cohesion between them. Deep cut with a great work of sub-basses, breaks and sound impulses that will only be available in digital format. On the other hand, the remix of 65D Mavericks occupies the first cut of the B face and acquires a more consistent character in the first measures with the incessant drawing of the bass drum, but as the harmonic intensity increases different musical contexts appear from any part of the panoramic spectrum.

Madrid’s Pelacha closes the B face with a more avant-garde version of Inductors and less reinforced in the low tonal zone. The details that accompany the percussive part merge extraordinarily, each element has its own space and gives the rest of details a perfect continuity.

Release date: May 27th, 2019.


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