Espectra Negra – Tales Of Chaos [Instruments Of Disciplines]

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The artistic environment that surrounds Espectra Negra emits a dark aura full of transgressive ceremonies. The plot of her work is hard, penetrating, intense, reflective and with an excessive dose of allegories about the most reserved and deepest part of the human being. Few artists manage to transmit so much on a stage, we can consider her as one of the divas of musical esotericism and an indispensable artist in the European scene of dark ambient and industrial noise.

A few years have passed since Espectra Negra’s debut with the Japanese label Lust Vessel, this platform, industrial and noise oriented, was their first recording home. Instruments Of Discipline was another platform that opted for its intransigent style, with this label it debuted with a track on the LP that commemorated its fourth anniversary, and now it makes its big debut with “Tales Of Chaos”, an album that blurs the limits of reality and science fiction, of gentleness and coercion, and of sensitivity and atrocity.

Tales Of Chaos is a conceptual album, each track captures an essence, an ideal, a doctrine or the most retrograde facts we have faced. Falling Into The Abyss opens A-side with a warning to humanity and the uncertain future that awaits us, irradiated drone loaded with harmful molecules. Technologies Of Violence prolongs the history of the previous track, advances in space-time with a controlled chaos, its tonal harmony projects a false calm that yields to chaotic communications.  The Children Of God testifies to the helplessness of the most vulnerable, the moral and irreversible damage that religions cause to the weakest. Very hard track, not because of its granular texture, but rather because of its content with real testimonies of children who were sexually abused by members of the Catholic Church.  

The first track on B-side represents a solemn atrocity, Thysia symbolizes the consented violence of human sacrifice to solidify the alliance between the common people and the ancient Greek gods, ritualism with a mystical background and indigenous songs. The Horror House focuses on the terror endured by women with exploitation and gender-based violence, low frequencies with a dominant voice that at the same time warns and vanishes with a multitude of rebounds. With Bleeding Consiousness, Espectra Negra opts once again for the message, in this case referring to disinformation and the low awareness of the human being about the decline of our species, industrial noise with a more direct and threatening vowels. Also sprach Zarathustra is the fourth and last track of B-side, homage to the famous work of Nietzsche that relates the reflections of the prophet, with an introduction by Thalia Thanatos and again, noise with penetrating messages from the Espectra Negra itself.

Release date: December 10th, 2019


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