Farron – Shinrin Yoku [Shaw Cuts]

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Farron is one of the pseudonyms of German artist Christoph, one of several projects by an author committed to the diversity that different genres of electronic music can offer. Having grown up as a skateboarder in a small town near Munich, Christoph started to build his musical foundation on hip hop, reggae and punk from an early age. Electronic music didn’t play a big role in his early years, but his curiosity started to grow when he got into the clubs near Munich. Christoph entered new and exciting realms after enriching visits to the local club Harry Klein. The following years were spent visiting various clubs in the nearby Bavarian capital, so his interest in different artists and labels grew.

Chistoph was influenced by a diverse scene, by a wide range of textures and rhythms that forged the sound he has shaped in different projects and helped him build an excellent musical direction. As his studio equipment expanded, and after accumulating countless hours in his studio, the German producer, then known as LaChriz, saw the fruits of his labour land on various labels such as Woods ‘N Bass Records, Out-ER, Baud Music and, most notably, Ilian Tape.

With the producer’s quest for independence came the desire to establish his own label. A place to serve as a musical platform not only for himself, but also to invite like-minded artists to express themselves fully. His Shaw Cuts label, founded in 2015, was a milestone for the artist and was also responsible for Farron, the artist’s latest and most fruitful solo alias. Since the label’s inception, we’ve seen the artist and label go from strength to strength, both amassing a very credible catalogue. Along with the announcement of his newly created platform, Farron has also picked up more releases on Forbidden Planet, Renascene, XCPT and Subosc. Farron’s latest work, “Venice Pavilion”, has been released on Berlin-based label Voitax, where both entities have established a unique and promising relationship.

Farron started his label Shaw Cuts in 2015 with his EP “Have Sword, Will Travel”. In addition to releasing his own productions, Shaw Cuts always gave other artists the platform to present themselves and their music. After 15 vinyl releases and several digital EPs from different artists, Farron himself is behind the album debut on Shaw Cuts.

„Shinrin Yoku” perfectly fits to the past sound spectrum of the label, summarizes different musical styles, but doesn’t sound like a mashup without a concept. Farron moves through the mix of broken techno and spheric ambient experiences without any trouble and portrays a dynamic and coherent sonic image with a clear connection to nature and spirituality. It’s an album with balance that feels rich in variety, but it also follows an emotive and warm sounding theme. Vivid atmospheres and extensive soundscapes have priority on „Shinrin Yoku” and the rhythmic arrangements are more about ingenuity than functionality. The tracklist itself feels well thought out and always keeps the listener avid for the next parts. Moments like the intro track „RSEndless Line”, the dreamy „WH Respiration” or the beatless ambient piece „Under Tower Talk”, are full of detailed sound design, abstract field recordings and showcase a mixture of soulfulness combined with a slightly melancholic tone sometimes. The agility with which the percussive elements rumble around each other on „Shinrin Yoku” is captivating and although there are one or two shorter tracks like the arpeggiated synth pattern track „Lido Recess”, it always feels like each individual story turns out satisfactory and assembles to a self-consistent whole. Tracks like the shimmering „Hoog83″ and its catchy groove, „Music For Saps” and „Fort Miley” which both have excellently programmed dusty drums that could roll for hours, or the more chilled-out „Entrance Wounds” effortlessly build up a big wall of sound. The broken beats of „Tensit”, „Toesbarn” and „Acorn Solo” come with a bit more pressure and pace. Airy pads and catchy synth patterns lift off into space and smoothly land on vibrant drum rhythmics that can effectively work on the dancefloor if played in the right moments. Without loosing the touching ambience and personal feel, the German producer manages to jump between tempos and sets a highlight with the fastest track called „19-7/5-12″ – a melodic breakbeat beauty with a heartfelt tenderness shortly before the end of the album.

With “Shinrin Yoku”, Farron delivers a consistent LP that finds complete expression when listened to from start to finish. Although Farron touches on numerous musical styles, he never strays from the right path and feels no need to serve any musical trend. The album appears to be personal, distinct, carefully put together and like the press sheet says: Shinrin Yoku helps to rejuvenate the exhausted body and balances the body and mind.

Release date: November 5th, 2021.


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