Filmmaker – Reinvent [Soil Records]

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Filmmaker is Soil Records‘ brand newest signing. The Colombian artist has conquered a large audience thanks to his particular industrial vision rich in nuances and styles. Currently, he is a rising talent, his releases have a huge impact and many lovers of contemporary post-punk are usually very attentive to everything this man publishes.

Reinvent is an EP with a very identifiable sound, in part because of the mastery he exercises in different fields. This diversity, and the ability to turn and transform any work, is what gives more strength and versatility to his figure as a producer.

Population Control is the first cut of the A side, a good example of Filmmaker’s modus operandi, as we can see from the first bars how expressiveness flows with chords that ride between harmonic series and dissonant combinations, and with a perfectly neglected environment, with percussion, details and low-fidelity acid lines. With Reinvent, the second track on this side, the Colombian is more forceful with a hard hit, a thick bass that modulates in line with a synthesized cutting element. The theme is significantly changing.

With Bioweapons we are already on the B side, with a cut that brings together all the elements of the industrial as the controlled saturation in the most remarkable components and the syncopated break, which alters in the second half with the pace marked by the 4×4. Broken Matrix is the last track of the EP. On this occasion, Filmmaker unloads all its anger by literally tearing apart each synthesized line.

Release date: June 2nd, 2020.


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