Group – 190626_2932 [Subsist Records]

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Clandestinity is one of the Group’s great allies. This project has always operated from anonymity and that’s why it’s worth admiring, since many artists or bands use this formula but for very different reasons. Most artists who work anonymously usually hide behind a mask and do so mainly to generate expectation in the public. This expectation generates interest on the part of club programmers, record managers and the tabloids, and all this generates economic movement, which is why most of these projects that operate from the clandestinity usually do so to gain a commercial reputation.

But there are always cases that stand up to this type of proposal, although they are very few. The one that surprises us the most is Group, a project with two very significant qualities such as their modus operandi, that is, their work from the shadow, and the second quality is their sound, the lo-fi style that so characterizes them, since you can listen to hundreds of tracks with totally different rhythmic patterns and textures, but with a very identifying final result.

Group returns to Subsist Records with a solo EP. S_LTD01 is a singular release, both for its format, in 7″ vinyl, and for its content, with 4 tracks of a very tight duration and a style that oscillates between industrial and techno, but with a sound treatment that we can perfectly assign to this project. 190626_2932 is the first track of this EP and you can listen to it for the first time in our soundcloud.

Release date: July 1st, 2020.


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