Hainbach – Assertion

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This Covid crisis has had an impact on Hainbach‘s latest works. In the first stage of the confinement, the German producer set out to help his followers make this situation more bearable, with a package of loops that can be purchased for free or with a symbolic contribution. Isolation Loops contains sounds from instruments such as Metasonix D1000, Juno60, modular piano Ciat-Lonbarde, dictaphones, and test equipment. All this material can be used freely in productions and will only be available for free during the time of the crisis, but if you can afford it, we suggest you to make a small contribution, because as it has happened to so many artists, Hainbach has lost an important part of his income with the cancellation of events.    

Isolation Loops was born with the first outbreak of the virus in Europe and with the first days of confinement due to the proclamation of a state of alarm in many countries. Assertion is situated at a more favourable point where a more optimistic world is already in sight, where the dark scenario and the restrictions we had a few weeks ago are beginning to take shape and offer a little more freedom.

Assertion is an album created to offer positivism, happiness, and to take the listener out of this dangerous darkness we are subjected to these days. The musicians Maysun and Andrew Raffo Dewar contribute to the sound of this album and Nani Gutiérrez again collaborates with the visual environment.

Hainbachb explains in this video the creative process of this album.

Release date: May 25th, 2020.


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