Hans Castrup – Koan / Transgression [Geräuschmanufaktur]

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A few weeks ago Hans Castrup released a double album on the Geräuschmanufaktur label, a platform based in the German city of Osnabrück, where this multidisciplinary artist with a long history also resides.

Castrup usually develops his abstract vision with different artistic disciplines. His music shows that there are many factors that can somehow turn a lyrical work into a lysergic journey. Just like the works of illustrious painters such as Salvador Dalí, who twisted clear images to place them in a utopian environment that is difficult to imagine for oneself, Hans’ approach to sound also distorts reality.

Koan / Transgression is an album that is divided into two parts, with 8 tracks dedicated to each of them. The working method is the same in both, the original sound comes from various analogue and digital sound sources created with synthesizers, also from field recordings and from processed, manipulated and deconstructed tapes. The compositions combine a great harmonic work, with melodies that compete between the sanity that shows the pure tonalities and the atonality or dissonances, but in the case of Transgression its methods are radicalized and the sum of textures are increased until forming in many of its sections a single block, compact and intense.

Release date: December 6th, 2020.


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