InHuM’AwZ – Cephalotus [Toksynna]

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Toksynna is a label with a style oriented only to experimental music, but this denomination can represent many types of sounds, it can have influences of all kinds. Perhaps, the best way to define their style is as an unconventional musical genre, as the tracks can be rhythmic or atmospheric, with hard and forceful textures or fragile and volatile, or we can make a more exhaustive analysis and specify if it is ambient, electronica, industrial, IDM or simply a mixture of trends.

The French duo InHuM’AwZ joins the Toksynna catalogue with an album in which the rhythmic elements prevail over the rest of the sound lines. Cephalotus is a 5-track with a style that mixes influences from various musical genres. Its slow metric can possibly place us in a peaceful style like downtempo, its forceful punch in some of the tracks can take us to an industrial scenario, its rhythmic conjugation can make us think that there is a small influence of break and electro, and its enveloping sound is determinant to merge all these concepts in a single idea.

Release date: April 30th, 2021.


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