Israel Toledo – Life Cycles [ITR]

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ITR is a division of Assassin Soldier Recordings explicitly created to house works by its head, Israel Toledo defines it as a sublabel where he publishes his B-side projects, his less usual music, which derives from techno to more experimental textures.

Israel Toledo is part of the most combative electronic current in Latin America, his artistic work is another element of interconnection between cultures and demographically distant territories that for this Mexican artist come together in his two personal projects. The main and longest-lived is Assassin Soldier Recordings, a record label founded in 2004 that includes works by talents such as DJ Rush or Esteban Adame, symbols of the regenerative movement of Detroit and Chicago, to which we must also add the great promises of European techno.

ITR is a more ambitious and personal project, a project that Israel Toledo inaugurates with ‘Life Cycles’, EP with 4 tracks of robust techno with its particular acid sounds 303, a fat bass line and big growing percussions.

Life Cycles will be available next April 17th, below you can see the teaser of the first track.


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