Julia Bondar – Bonding [Endorphin.es Production]

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Julia Bondar is a Ukrainian artist who currently lives in Barcelona and is also co-founder of Endorphin.es Production, a project that combines her recording activity with the construction and sale of modular synths.

Julia’s musical career has always been linked to these modular synths, firstly as a creator of demos for these Endorphin.es synths and to help her partner, Andreas Zhukovsky, to promote and develop newly designed modules for this brand. Then Julia Bondar would become the face of the record project, as she is the only producer who has released music on this label to date, as well as managing it.

Julia Bondar’s style is broad. In her previous releases we can see her creative ability to engender any kind of soundtrack or to adapt to a particular environment, as in Top Hits, an album released in 2019 on Unknown Pleasures Records, or Industrial Symphony, released in 2020 on her own label.

Bonding clearly reflects these aptitudes and forces the listener to listen to its nine tracks in order not to have a preconceived idea of the album. Each track is a completely different story from the rest, Julia mixes musical styles such as techno, industrial, dark wave or electro, therefore each cut is experienced in a different way and is associated with its own mood.

Release date: October 20th, 2021.


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