Julia Bondar – I Want Forbidden [Endorphin.es Production]

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Synthesist, producer and co-owner of the modular synthesizer company Endorphin.es Julia Bondar, releases a brand-new EP I Want Forbidden, encapsulating the electric power of her live sets and her affinity with the darker side of underground club music.

Raised in Ukraine, Julia spent her early years in the shadow of the post-Soviet re-gime, the afterglow being that of an integral desire to rebel; her exposure to electro legends such as The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy led her to connect spiritually with the fiercely energetic live outlier acts such as Crystal Castles and Lorn, and translating this into her own newly-found music creation. With live sets commended by the likes of Aphex Twin, Julia is an underground prodigy, beginning to make her own music heard within the walls of performances in her current favourite base, Barcelona.

I Want Forbidden is Julia’s lush and dark eulogy to the hidden nature of our fantasies, translated onto the other-worldliness of the dance-floor. Melodic yet sinister, the EP takes the modular textures of her live set with some graceful hypnotic undertones to reveal a thought-out release valuable for the darkest clubs.

‘Black T-Shirt‘ is all about connection on the floor, blending slow-building techno-ambient tones with an unstoppable bass-line until the tension is entirely built up. An introduction of twinkly synths adds a seminal, intimate layer, hypnotizing yet totally focused.

Loosely based on sketches from Julia’s legendary live sets during the summer, ‘Talk Dirty To Me’ begins with rushing synths and disorientating bass before a tinkering of modular drums are introduced and the bass grows more menacing. Keeping in line with the sensual theme of the EP, the final track ‘Lust’ begins with a cinematic melody blended with industrial overtones, building slowly to reveal a layered gem of sparkly synth-work and glitchy drums, dancing between the fringes of experimental techno. Julia Bondar accompanies this track with a cinematic video clip like she usually does in collaboration with Endorphin.es Production. The video is based loosely on the 1981 German film ‘Possession’, showcasing Bondar erratically moving around a deserted subway, seemingly possessed by her hypnotic music.

Release date: February 25th, 2020.


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