Kinetix – Sleepwalkers Society [White Forest Records]

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Kinetix is a project from Gianluca Becuzzi, one of the finest artists in the Italian alternative electronic scene, in the past collaborator of bands like Pankow and Limbo, today the author of electro – acoustic music, ambient pieces, and more electronic endeavors. Under this moniker he favours the letter approach, exploring digital and minimal electronic music with noise and dub undertones, as well as broken beats and cold soundscapes .

The new album from Kinetix is Sleepwalkers Society (White Forest Records), a 7-track collection of breakbeat/dub movements which aim to create a sort of dynamic atmosphere where nightly suggestion meets cold rhythmic passages.

Void starts our journey with its eerie and ethereal choruses, slowly displaying a seductive mantra upon which a female voice talks about the nature of movement as a physical act and a concept. Then, a rhythmic motif is introduced by steady snares and cymbals, while sparse percussion create irregular structures. Claps and grim drones complete an almost retro-futuristic ritual for urban savages, and sub-bass frequencies have their say too.

Degrowth Paradigm is a noir piece with mysterious synth-lines and crawling motions, a thrilling affair with a series of subtle syncopated rhythms engulfed by dub elements. The track has a strong cinematic quality and an obsessive pattern which guides us among its eerie atmosphere.

Circular Time is a cosmic moment rich in droning strings and sudden bursts of dry rhythmic kicks underlined by steady cymbals. The number grows into a syncopated and urban affair in which majestic innuendos and broken structures conspire together in order to give us a “motion-picture in sound”. The track ends with a faster session rich in urgency, crowing the final moments in an apt way.

Sleepwalkers Society is a work which perfectly capture the sound and motif of a world between the dream and the waking reality, a series of elegant rhythmic pastiches working as a film-score for our own mind-voyages. A collision of dark undertones and energetic electronic rhythms which indulges in experimentation without stopping at that. Sonic food for the curious listener.

Release date: December 3rd, 2020.

Text by: Davide Pappalardo


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