Konnektivitat – Immaterial [Koma Recording]

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The Italian label Koma Recording has been revived since it was created in 2014 by William Luzzi, known artistically as Konnektivitat. Konnektivitat itself is in charge of signing Immaterial, EP that represents the first in a series of releases will start a conceptual work developed in several years from the artist. Recorded entirely with modular synthesizers, tape sampling and analog gears; he wants to keep an ‘handcrafted’ approach both in music and the artwork (painted by the artist with acrylic colors).

The first track ‘Eternal Limbo’ tells about a dying philosopher. The philosopher is tel- ling us the story of his life in third person. There was a man that managed to reduce the world to pure logic. Looking at this perfection he wondered about the perfect ice and the perfect form. But when he tried to walk on that he realizes that missed something so he fell down. That world was so perfect to let him live in. So he under- stood that roughness and ambiguity aren’t imperfections. They are the blood that move the world. So he felt really free and started to live differently. But…., he was homesick for that perfection, that wonderful ice where everything was radiant and absolute. Though he had come to like the idea of the rough ground, he couldn‘t bring himself to live there. So now he was marooned between Earth and ice, at home in neither.

‘Lobotomy’ it’s a physical trip into the modern human mind/body lobotomy. Characters: repetition, electricity in a huge analog distortion amount, experimental ob- session with an imperfect rhythm structure touch to give the track the life needed.

‘Man Of Madness’ talks about darkness and multidimensional demoniac possessions. Every man has the Devil inside, and for someone these secrets are so heavy in horror that can be thrown down only in the grave. The only way to undivulged them.

‘Tentacular Nightmare’ is pretty title-described. Is the modern man halfway being sleeping and awake. In another level, cosmic floor, with all his demons, his garbage but also his dreams.

Release date: May 18th, 2020.


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