LOFN – Post-Apo Romance [Veyl]

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Veyl has added the Czech duo LOFN, formed by Aitcher Clark and Anna Coranić, to its catalogue. The duo have been active for a few years now, enough to prove that they have their own sound, very suitable for labels like the Italian one, although they will surely also fit perfectly in other platforms that work with a different style, as they have shown in this album that their musical influences are quite extensive.

Post-Apo Romance is a heterogeneous release that places the listener in a desolate landscape and at the same time in different scenarios, in phases of a life that can develop in complex situations but, even so, longs to find moments of harmony and reconciliation with humanity or with what little is left of it.

This 5-track opens with the emotionality and magnificence of Mother. Pachad, the second cut, then continues to evoke the same aspect of grandeur, but this time in the form of ritual. The mysticism intensifies with I Get Lit, a track with extreme sonic content, a severe rhythm and vocals that make you forget about balance and emotional stability. Invocation softens the aggressiveness and shows vigorousness, as well as an invulnerable countenance. And finally, the eponymous track concludes as a perfect outro.

Release date: September 10th, 2021.


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