Memory of Sho – Life At The Seaside (Tiny Drones for Lovers 2021)

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Memory of Sho is the eerie and evocative ambient project of Sara Cappai and Gianmarco Cireddu, already active as shoegaze/synth pop outfit Diverting Duo.

In the first effort Life At The Seaside they explore a soothing and droning sound with experimental leanings where guitar loops and synthesizer ricreate atmospheres linked to the sea and Sardinian landscapes.

Entrance is an apt introduction to their sonic world, a mantra made of repeated sounds and vocals, a hypnotizing affair underlined by soulful and shrilling effects. It grows with a steady and filtered percussion visualizing a distant memory and winds full of sounds coming from afar

Wind, Boats & Youth employs dark drones and placid guitar sounds in a sparse and minimal setting. Sudden glimpses of field-recordings announce the start of the singing from Sara, melodic and full of elegance. A dream-like experience with well placed evocative pads in its finale

Before this fire follows the same pattern of the previous track, but using the drone sound as the ground for piano notes and shrilling effects. Sara returns with her vocals full of pathos enriched by eerie choruses and the aforementioned effects in a majestic climax

Bacci e Capitani ends our journey with a rhythmic pastiche which moves amidst ghostly sounds and distant piano notes in a nether-sound emphasizing experimental distortion and minimal melodies in a mutant style. Toward the ending the chaotic and sharp elements grow in intensity with a menacing power

Memory of Sho debut with a peculiar work in which ambient and drone become the ground for evocative tracks picturing emotions and sensation linked to the life of the authors. A sparse approach where organic elements and synth sounds move along with samples and sharp effects. A short but complete sonic story for the adventurous listener.

Release date: May 14th, 2021.

Text by: Davide Pappalardo.


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