Murk – Gradualline [Paranoid Records]

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Bunkers Records is a pandemic record project, as it was born in the middle of the health crisis with the aim of investigating and researching the less conventional side of techno. This genre can have infinite forms and interpretations, even in many occasions it tends to lose all its attributes and even so, many artists and platforms try to devalue this style taking advantage of its name to describe what it is not.

Bunkers Records first opted for a rough and tough techno, mixing qualities of industrial and hard techno. Now, a few months and a few releases later, this project from Madrid is expanding with a new division, with a sub-label, or a series of releases, oriented towards another type of deeper and more mental techno.

Paranoid starts with a first reference by Murk, an EP that curiously shares its name with this sub-division.  In this release we can already see that despite being a hypnotic and mental musical model, the spectrum of influences is quite broad.

Release date: February 20th, 2021.


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