Mystified – Yenisei Crossing [Spotted Peccary Music]

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Thomas Park is an autobiographer, poet and blogger. Much of his writing is sentimental or humorous, and some has to do with the survival and prosperity of a life affected by mental illness. In the photographic or visual field, his main element is abstract engraving, but he also paints abstract expressionist works and dedicates part of his time to taking photographs, generally in black and white. Videos are also a way in which he is growing, so far he has experimented with generative videos, using his own Python code to find and treat random video segments, to later combine them in the form of a collage.

Musically, Thomas Park has an interesting career. His beginnings were connected to fractal music, a discipline that links composition with mathematical patterns, which is why recursive and experimental music had a great impact even in his first steps as a producer. However, he lived together for several years creating other styles such as ambient, industrial and other related genres, and what started out as a rather passive activity, became more and more active, even creating an unimaginable amount of works.

Thomas Park is the creator and head of Treetrunk, netlabel that was born in 2005 as a free platform to work with material from any producer that meets minimum criteria, the main one is that it is original and not commercial, and if it is commercial that it is in a critical mode and has a sense of humor. But the main nature of this project is experimental, either because of its methods or because of the product itself. But Thomas is not a mere conductor, among his more than 500 releases most of them belong to Thomas Park himself, we are talking about hundreds of releases. Only in the last few months the number of albums he has released is extraordinary, up to 5 LPs in a week, and each one with a different concept.

Treetrunk is the consequence of thinking that your own work is too different, and this is what Thomas felt, that his works were not going to be accepted by other netlabels, so he devised his own project as if it were a fractal music sounding board, publishing with several nicknames according to the style. AutoCad started as a fractal team, especially fractal techno. Mystified was their main musical identity and covered many genres of ambient music. Mister Vapor was destined for nebulous and monotonous ambient music. Grid Resistor and Model 201 were very specific projects. The first consisted of using only machine sounds, and the second only sounds from old Mystified cassette releases.

Thomas recovers his project as Mystified to publish a new release called Yenisei Crossing, a 17-track album inspired by the Yenisei River in which the American exhibits a great talent for creating uniformity within a seemingly monotonous environment, with sound lines that are constantly repeated in an anarchic way, since each line has its own tempo and length.

Yenisei Crossing is an album with a sound that perfectly identifies Thomas Park’s style, in this case with his alias Mystified. Experimental and dark electronic music suitable for relaxing the mind and for moments when your body is being nourished by other external sensations.

Release date: July 24th, 2020.


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