Notstandskomitee – The Quarantine Report

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On 13th March 2020 Malte Steiner celebrated his 50th birthday and released the free album 50 of his music project Notstandskomitee on Bandcamp. That became the last normal day, in many countries from 14th March on due to the COVID-19 pandemic a lockdown had to be established to keep the infections as low as possible. That changed all our lives. As avant-gardist Malte Steiner was among the first to make streaming concerts direct from the studio in March to adopt to the new situation.

Here are 14 new tracks compiled on the album The Quarantine Report. While they are from between 2009 and 2020, they were curated to fit well to the new dystopia feeling we are in. Malte Steiner started with electronic music in the early 80s and began releasing music with his soloproject Notstandskomitee in 1991 besides his work with Das Kombinat, ranging from Industrial till IDM.

Release date: October 1st, 2020.


Statiqbloom – Beneath The Whelm [Metropolis]

The Outsider Syndrome – Bowser’s Castle [Beyond Techno Musical UFO’s]


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