Parde Grilon – Dishonored Judiciary [NXT recordings]

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Parde Grilon dedicates this album to his daughter Juana and, by way of denunciation, he loudly relates what many parents suffer when they are unable to obtain information about the state and whereabouts of their children. SAPing Juana is dedicated to her daughter Juana and the great love her family has for her.

The 14 tracks detail chronological moments that marked the course of this story. To date it is the most ambitious musical project of the Argentine producer, each track is a completely different story from the rest. From the passivity offered by the softer tracks he goes straight to anger and bewilderment. But to understand every detail of the album you have to know a little bit of its history.

Juanita and Fede (Parde Grilon) haven’t seen each other for 7 years, they haven’t even talked on the phone. Unfortunately, for her, her father and all parental kinship disappeared inexplicably from one day to the next. Juana’s mother has made an effort to keep the situation unchanged. She is living a life that has disappeared from justice. The real reason why she did something like this is hard to imagine, many times people ask if Fede himself did something to make her act this way. Today, his answer is: what could I have done to him to cause such harm to the girl? The way he managed to separate them was through a false report of abuse.

Today, Juanita is a victim of PAS (Parental Alienation Syndrome) and this is the reason for the album’s name (SAP in Spanish). This syndrome happens when one of the parents, through methods of physical and psychological manipulation, turns the children against the other. Nowadays, talking about these subjects is almost a taboo. But it exists, and Fede’s family was a victim of it. 

After a long trial, he was acquitted in a ridiculous trial that exposed the lack of prosecutorial merit and how easy it is today to separate a father from his children by circumventing the judicial system. Despite the fact that three years have passed since this disastrous trial and that they have every right to exercise their parental role, they are still unable to see each other. The mother does not collaborate or respect the judicial decision that demands that she be brought to justice.

Fede and his family live in the hope that one day they will be able to embrace Juana again and that she will be able to enjoy her grandparents, which is the most beautiful thing in life.

SAPing Juana is a 14-track album released by the Spanish label NXT recordings, Industrial Complexx offers you in preview Dishonored Judiciary, fourth cut of this release.

Release date: April 30th, 2020.


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