Rage Therapy – No Holding Back [Future Déjà Vu]

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Rage Therapy is the name of a laboratory research on the wretched conditions of dancing humans conducted with a self developed computer program by two infamous Techno veterans and executed on shocking analogue and digital hardware.

“No Holding Back” for Future Déjà Vu is their second explosive vinyl release.

On side A, “Zoloft” and “Deconstruction” are real sharp relentless techno bangers with an industrial aftertaste and a troubling exploitation of synthetic drums and distortion.

The B-side opens up with the furious arpeggios and the frantic crispy percussions of “Detuned Reality” and continues with the dissociated chords of “Fight or Flight” coupled with a demolisher kick drum, alienated echoes and feedbacks and caustic 303 leaks.

A killer dance floor release with a cutting edge sound and a composition style at the boundaries of human doubts.

Release date: March 9th, 2020.


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