SOJ – PW2 (IV Horsemen remix) [Infidel Bodies]

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Land Of Lovers and Hammers is a release that shows the limitless possibilities that an album by an artist with a precise and sufficiently defined musical concept can accommodate.

SOJ always works within an industrial sound context, but his works can be based only on small details that finally lead us back to this countercultural environment, elements of this genre, which later feed on other external nuances.

Infidel Bodies is the record label that publishes this new reference from the head of Soil Records. Its 10 original tracks combine different rhythmic structures with harmonic textures, each of them has a different charisma than the rest, with influences from styles such as dark ambient, techno or experimental electronics, and with quite different composition patterns. To the 10 original tracks must be added 4 versions of WLDV, Unconscious, IV Horsemen and Filmmaker.

Release date: September, 2020.


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