T Y – Feeding Generation Z [Carnivor Records]

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T Y dedicates his latest album to technological globalisation and the consequences that this brings to this whole generation that has coexisted with this accelerated development. Feeding Generation Z is a release that breathes anxiety, that shows the high level of stress generated by this dehumanization we are living, facing a systematic life with hardly any values, in which connections and relationships have been transferred to mere avatars.

It was the Water opens the album by showing from the first second that life today is hectic and with little room for confronting situations outside the routine of our daily lives. The forcefulness of his punch and a fast speed will be the two main characteristics of the whole release. The first cut already previews the musical line that the album will take, with a marked and raw techno in which the author introduces an anguished voice in loop and a narcotic melody. With Speedy Wonder, T Y maintains the same intensity but on this occasion the sub-bass and second bass line boost the sound pressure, in addition to all the other harmonic elements. Nana Mortis continues with the same energy but, unlike the previous tracks, the artist decides to give her spaces so that the great power of her kick can rest. I Bet You is a much sharper cut in which the rawness of the punch is mixed with the sharp textures of the acid.

Siła is the fifth track of Feeding Generation Z , and perhaps if we listen to it directly, without having done a little tour of the previous tracks, we might think that it is an ode to destructive and forceful techno, and it certainly is, but it is still a few steps below the first four cuts. The punch continues to be heartbreaking, T Y does honour to its great control to generate kicks that sound extreme without being classified as hardcore, but this time we can see that the speed is reduced and takes a more standardized look. The melodic line is in perfect tune with the rest of the sound elements. The album closes precisely with a version of Siła by the Polish artist VTSS, a remix that fits perfectly with the main idea of the release, as it brings strength and a lot of personality. This reinterpretation of Siła adds a more altered sound, it is at the limit of saturation.

Release date: September 30th, 2020.


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