The Lost Boys – Damned In Hell [Subsist Records]

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2020 is proving to be a disastrous year for many established artists and quite propitious for new projects, as many have emerged strongly during these strange months. The Lost Boys is one of them, although the person who embodies this pseudonym is known for his years of activity and his great contributions to the hardest and most corrosive electronic scene.

Raszia has recently appeared under this alias on labels such as HC Records, Bass Agenda or Subsist Records. All his contributions have been quite discreet until now, as he is coming back again to Subsist but, this time with a great solo album.

Jumping On A Bit is a work with which the author demonstrates his great artistic heritage and his ample style for producing almost any musical genre and which at the same time has its own sound. The album is difficult to catalogue with just one word, diversity reigns but it still transports you to the clandestine nature of raves.

Release date: November 27th, 2020.



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