Tot Onyx – Senno I [iDEAL Recordings]

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Tommi Tokyo’s musical career is linked to several bands and ephemeral projects prior to group A, a duo of electronic music and performance that she formed in 2012 together with Sayaka Botanic, in which they integrate body art with different artistic disciplines. After a decade dedicated exclusively to perform and release music of avant-garde and experimental character, Tommi decides to resume with more solvency her solo project to publish Senno I , the first album of the Japanese producer with her alterego Tot Onyx.

Tot Onyx has very discreet contributions, publishing in a couple of collaborations with labels such as Berlin Atonal Recordings, a record platform born as a spin-off of this well-known German festival where they participated as group A in some of its editions. However, Tommi has chosen to give this project the relevance it requires, debuting with Senno I, an album signed to the Swedish label iDEAL Recordings.

Senno I is an 8-track in which the Japanese artist explores an extensive sound field, with dreamlike textures, degraded nuances and interpretations open to unimaginable sound situations, an introspective work that deeply analyzes the synergy of Tommi Tokyo as a member of group A and at the same time, also offers a new musical aspect much more personal.

Release date: September 26th, 2022.


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