Traversable Message – Surface [No Way Records]

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The influences of Traversable Message are perfectly reflected in his work since he is not an artist who only projects his techno as a pure style, but enriches each track with textures more common to other experimental genres.

The Colombian producer signs his new release on No Way Records, Texture is an EP that mixes a firm base of techno with atmospheres and a dark environment that stands out for the robustness it shows in the bass and sub-bass area. Surface is a hypnotic track mowed by a metallic and sharp synth, while in Break through noise meteorites insinuate themselves on a monolithic rhythm. In Emerge the atmosphere becomes more rarefied, while maintaining a precise and pressing rhythmic structure. This track is entrusted to the Sicarius Hahni remix, which maintains the same energy of the original drum machine by wrapping it in a dense and impenetrable nebula. Aleja Sanchez, leading artist of the Colombian techno scene, takes care of the first track of the ep, Surface, transforming the original into a beam of protons launched at high speed.

Release date: March 13th, 2020.


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