Violet Poison – You Ruined Her But now I Ruin You [Soil Records]

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Tears For Fears was the first series of releases published by Soil Records, and the first volume of this series is listed as the label’s #2 release. This first publication revealed the range of action of the label or the sound approach that it planned to adopt, although over time the musical versatility gave way to a completely identifiable style, with a special predilection for the derivation of the industrial to the dance floor or other genres such as EBM.

It is precisely these new sound outbreaks derived from EBM, which unlike the original genre of the 80s have mostly evolved towards a clearer and more elaborate sonority, that can be equated with the current sound aspect of the label. But the first volume of Tears For Fears already showed us on a small scale, with only 6 tracks, that the musical formula can be broader and that it does not only adhere to the same concept.

The second edition of this series of releases revealed that the label had much more weight than in its first year of life but, its musical concept was exactly the same, it had only grown in collaborations, in publications and in number of followers. And two years later we can ratify that Tears For Fears conserves the same nature as the two previous volumes.

This third volume has 22 tracks, from 22 different artists, with a sound that defines the label very well and with a roster full of new faces, of artists who appear for the first time on this platform.

Release date: Dacember 25th, 2020.


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