Voltereta – Ímpetu [Làdeli Editions]

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Today, March 26th, is the date set for Làdeli Editions to take its definitive step towards establishing itself as a new recording project. This Spanish label has been giving during these days a series of aids in the form of a manifesto to better understand which are the intentions and values of this project, which surpasses any current fashion and goes beyond the simple relationship of the artist with its launch.

Voltereta is the alias of Feli Navarro, a multidisciplinary artist of infinite curiosity who is the protagonist of the first two launches of Làdeli Editions. The first is Ímpetu, a three-track EP that is available from today and takes as its main concept the movement and energy of the impulse, applicable also to the mental state necessary to initiate any action or change, but it can also lead to acceleration, excessive force or violence. The idea behind the music of Ímpetu is to explore these sensations, to evoke the certainties and contradictions that are produced when following an internal impulse and how these manifest themselves at a corporal level.

In addition to publishing this first Voltereta release, the platform announces that it is once again relying on this artist, who this time will publish Nubla, a concept album focused on the body and movement, with eight tracks in which the artist explores the internal impulses of the body, proposing an intimate look in a social context of over-stimulation.

Release date: March 26th, 2020.


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