​Body Beat Ritual – Instinct Primitive / Crash Report [Haven]

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Who said EBM was the past? The European electronic music scene evolved with EBM, it developed with this genre and, like all musical fashions, gave way to other styles. But nowadays there are many artists and labels that are propitiating the resurrection of this music style.

Haven are setting their sights on the farthest reaches of the resurgence in EBM. New Zealand based hardware warrior Body Beat Ritual grew up in the UK exposed to the body music of the 80s and 90 and his experiments in industrial-tinged dance tracks inspired by the likes of Front Line Assembly, Ministry, Subpoena The Past, Nitzer Ebb, and Revolting Cocks were made in complete isolation from, and with no awareness of, the EBM resurgence in Europe’s clubland.

This EP represents the first of Body Beat Rituals explorations into this sound. The A1 starts the EP with ‘Instinct Primitive’ – a certified body moving slammer featuring haunting screams, samples ruminating schizophrenia, a funky bass-line and drum rolls aplenty. The A2 welcomes Poland’s VTSS to Haven for the first time with a bouncy gabber kick and distorted tones on her tough remix of ‘Instinct Primitive’. The B1 begins the flip with the hectic drum workout, cutting bass and synth programming and political samples of ’Crash Report’, followed by the destructive drums and scratchy timbre of Blush Response’s remix on the B2. Not one to be missed for fans of dance-floor focused, gnarled industrial techno and EBM!


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