​MAYa & Tolga Baklacıoglu – Kina [VENT]

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The LP’s title “Kına” is based on the concept of henna night in Turkish weddings, a double LP of musical collaborations between MAYa and Tolga Baklacioglu.

Tolga Baklacioglu has been steadily building a body of work that explores the outer boundaries where techno and abstract textures merge and blur. In 2014, Tolga created a label, VENT, as a platform for his explorations and those of likeminded travelers within this sonic realm.

MAYa Hardinge works in film and it comes as no surprise that her work has a strong visual element. It makes total sense that MAYa and Tolga should have made an album together. Their interests and backgrounds overlap and diverge meaningfully in a way that has all the hallmarks of good musical chemistry.

The songs cover a broad spectrum of topics, from the deeply personal feelings and experiences, to world events, and the fundamental aspects of life and death. Kına is a document of two artists from different backgrounds and their shared visions of the interplay between one’s private microcosm and the global macrocosm of our time; a testament to the fact that, for all its vastness and diversity, this world offers inspiration and potential collaboration around every corner. The music contained within has traveled around the world many times before reaching your ears.


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