Mesz_one – 19HZ [No Way Records]

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Mesz_one reappears again this year in No Way Records with a new release. In August 2018 he debuted on the Italian label with Tasted, an EP with 5 tracks in which the Swiss producer develops an arpeggiated techno dominated by imposing harmonic motifs. More recently he returns with an elegant version of ‘Regole di quartiere’, a track that originally appeared in Media Zero, by Sicarius Hahni (Fonemi). And this same September 30th returns with a new format and a deeper and more penetrating sound.

’19HZ’ is a release with four original cuts of Mez_one and two remixes of WTTM and Hydrangea. ‘Intro’ is the first track of the EP and as I might imply with this name it’s not at all a reflective track that prepares you for anything that might happen in the rest of the reference, Intro starts strong, with an absorbent punch and hypnotic drones. ‘Twice’ is a low-frequency track, classic techno that reminds of the transition from trance to late century techno on labels like BXR. ‘Plastic Dinner’ pushes us to a more subterranean dimension, composed by analogical reminiscences.  The fourth track is the one that gives name to the launch, ’19HZ’ is an intrinsic work, with personality and with short but effective developments.

The fifth track is an Intro exegesis by the Italian WTTM. Unlike the original, the WTTM’s version gains dynamism and loses punch depth, but manages to keep you in a hypnotic state.  French producer Hydrangea closes this EP with a 19HZ remix in which he recreates an alternative world subjected to seductive atmospheres.

Release date: September 30th, 2019.


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