Abraham Fogg – Metamorphosis

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The duo Abraham Fogg (Grégoire Vaillant & Charles-Edouard Dangelser – collaborators of the Manchester Camerata Orchestra, Bill Ryder Jones..) delivers dark live performances that resemble a pagan mass, in a setting of smoke, LEDs, screens and intense images, ghostly appearances and spatialized sound. The duo makes their own short films. These unique objects have already won over 35 awards, both for their visual and musical qualities, at international film festivals, from Paris to New York, London to Calcutta or Los Angeles.

Abraham Fogg debuts with a first release that embodies the personality of this project to combine organic textures with synthesised elements. Metamorphosis is an EP with two equidistant and at the same time antonymous tracks. Le Vol des Sorcières is a beautiful overture in which the instrumentation predominates, in this case supported by the cello string, as opposed to the electronic components based mainly on bass lines and percussive groove. The second cut is Medicine Brothers, in this case, and contrary to what happens with Le Vol des Sorcières, we do find a more notable influence of synthesised sounds, likewise, harmonic creativity is once again their main asset, with arpeggios, hypnotic melodies, broken rhythms and a totally different development.

This release is accompanied with a two part horror short film about the life and work of French contemporary artist Olivier de Sagazan.

Release date: May 21st, 2021.


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