All My Faith Lost – Untitled [Cyclic Law]

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Italian neoclassical/neofolk/darkwave outfit All My Faith Lost return after 7 years of silence with a new untitled album. The duo consisting of Federico Salvador and Viola Roccagli is characterized by an ethereal and emotive sound in which majestic classical tones, sweet guitars and solemn atmospheres concur to a personal and enthralling sound. The new work sees the addition of Angelo Roccagli as a guitarist, a presence gracing the songs with some new elements while retaining all the elements the project has developed during the years.

The artistic intent is strong and aptly crafted with a precise theme: here they take inspiration from paintings of some their favorite artists related to the Surrealism movement such as João Ruas, Tara McPherson, Nicoletta Ceccoli and Ray Caesar. Lyrics and music narrate us different aspects of existence and even death, mythology, love, expressing feelings and emotions inspired by the paintings of reference.

Violent Dreams II is a perfect introduction, a track where neoclassical darkness and gloomy innuendos meet delicate guitars and the soulful voice of Viola, which recalls medieval folk songs in her lyrical approach. Arches accompany the somber movement, guiding the listener in a dream-like experience. We All Die Sometimes follows suit with a similar theme, adding during its crescendo melancholic piano notes, violins, and the male voice in duet with the female one. The music employ a simple but well developed scheme in which less is more, taking full advantage of acoustic sounds and the power of human voice. During its second half the track sees an emotive climax which crowns the main motif with a powerful yet controlled take.

The Inconvenience Of Spirits starts with evoking synths and a placid guitar motive, a melodic line upon which Viola’s voice lays delicate words of love and nostalgia. Melancholic violins underline the movement enriching its strong pathos. The last part of the song surprises us with a cinematic moment in which guitar loops and majestic orchestrations conquer the soundscape. Awakening The Moon is a piano-voice affair with a stripped and minimal soul, shining thanks to Viola’s voice and the obsessive notes underlining her essence. Sparse guitars have their say in a very intimate moment showcasing the style of the band at its most essential and soulful.

Untitled is a work summarizing the sound and the poetry of All My Faith Lost, an episode wanting to give a voice and a narrative to the hidden stories behind paintings. A personal world is created via neoclassical elements, lyrical voices and the use of acoustic instruments, a world in which emotions dominate crepuscular atmospheres and suspended soundscapes. This is music for a journey of the mind and the soul, a cathartic experience with a very human touch.

Release date: March 9th, 2021.

Text by: Davide Pappalardo.



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