Bestial Mouths – RESURRECTEDINBLACK [Rune & Ruin]

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The evolution of Bestial Mouths has been rather discreet, little has changed in its sound over the past decade, and that, today, is a symptom of reliability and strength. Having an identifying sound is not easy, and even more so when the project brings together influences from various genres, in this case everything revolves around industrial, darkwave and the gothic and sinister style evolved from post-punk.

Lynette Cerezo has known how to manage her artistic legacy extraordinarily throughout these 11 years, Bestial Mouths is her, it is her imposing voice and style. In her new album she shows once again that this project has a great deal of strength above all. RESURRECTEDINBLACK is a release that goes into an industrial, sullen and irritating environment but, Cerezo manages to extract the minimum beauty that can be housed within this dark world.

The album opens with THE FALLS, a track that in the first few bars places you in an introductory plane with soft atmospheric chords that degenerate slightly to accompany Lynette’s voice, but soon tribal percussive elements and lines more typical of brass instruments appear. LAIN TO TRUST gives excellent continuity to the initial track, but here the rhythm is intensified. On the other hand, with DRY AS DUST that continuity fades away and takes on a totally different character, more direct and without that ceremonial feature, a quality that she uses again with OUR SOULS TAKE. WITHIN is created under an electrifying sounding layer with the voice of Cerezo penetrating between its lines. THE LOSS is a track with a more inspiring and positive harmony, but with INDUSTRIAL WASTE it takes a more dynamic and heartbreaking turn. SIREN CALLS is a completely different story that combines a delicate look, with a pleasant guitar melody, a sweet voice and the overlapping voice of Lynette that somehow emulates that seductive yet bewitching and contradictory song of the sirens. IN RUINS is the last track on the album, again employing dynamism but this time with an intoxicating result.

Lynette Cerezo is the voice and leader of this project, but for the production of RESURRECTEDINBLACK she has counted on the collaboration of Brant Showers (AAIMON / SØLVE), Alex DeGroot (Zola Jesus) and Balázs Képli (nullius in verba).

Release date: July 5th, 2020.


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