Delusions – Symbiosis [Ballistic]

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The aphorism “Unity is strength” is not always such an unquestionable and conclusive expression as in the case of Delusions. The extraordinary affinity between the two members of this Catalan band intensifies their creativity and defines them with their own solid style, and with perfectly structured concepts distributed between the different tasks of composition, staging, promotion and recording responsibility, as the task of Archi Ferrero and Jaume Avellana at the head of Delusions extends from production to the production and management of material for Ballistic, the platform they founded in 2011.

Ballistic has an interesting cast of names in its catalogue and with releases that have not been worn down by the passing of the years, nevertheless, a great sonic evolution can be appreciated, headed mainly by its top leaders. This does not mean that they have abandoned their principles, the primary style they adopted, but rather that they have been able to adapt their sound to an environment more in line with the current technological development.

Ballistic 8.5, the new EP by Delusions, shows first and foremost the potential of this pair of producers to combine the binary rhythm of techno with an overwhelming, deep, very powerful background and a sound environment typical of industrial textures. Each of the three tracks can be defined in the same way, however, they are completely different, not only for their timbre, but also for the personality and characteristics they apply to each composition.

Release date: March 30th, 2022.


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