Donna Haringwey – Venal [Strange Therapy]

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Haringwey, the solo project from Toni Quiroga of Raum-Zeit, debuts on Strange Therapy with the 7-track cassette Venal, a rhythmic affair with urban undertones, frantic atmospheres and vocals, crossover elements presenting a courageous vision following suit with the exploration of new sounds in an industrial contest championed by the Dutch label.

Confused Johnny sets the mood with its dissonances and fat sound, upon which mysterious vocals are placed together with steady syncopated rhythms. Trip-hop/dark hip-hop elements surprise us in a grim soundscapes with a severe modus operandi sporting a personal vision that will conquer the curious listener. No Life employs strong beats and cutting distorted bass-lines in an engaging affair with broken structures and shrieking shouted vocals. An electro-punk energy pervades the track, offering a familiar yet original ride which leaves the comfort zone of genres and transport the listener in a fast-paced action.

G01N H0M3 W1TH L0B5T3R5 is a curious pastiche where subtle drones and grave bass sounds conceive a disturbances upon which an unsettling chant is layered together with heavily distorted bursts. Sparse rhythms and various manipulations complete the scene in a very experimental moment that will immerse the listener in an horror setting. Funky Moolah takes elements from 80’s electro-industrial with its 4/4 drum machines and throbbing lines, accompanying them with obsessive urban vocals. Once again the listener will find himself in an acid soundscape where elements of the past are updated via a modern vision.

PA5510N5 surprises us with a somber acoustic intro soon reached by creepy distortions and melancholic orchestrations, employing rock elements and guitars together with piano motives and noise drones. The listener should be ready to leave any concept of established genres, following the mutant muse of the project. Exponential Growth In Shit Behavior is a new venture in slow rhythmic patterns and grim urban obsessions with an aggressive attitude. Riffing distortions and hypnotizing kicks create an enthralling mantra for the listener.

The cassette ends with a Hidden Outro characterized by a highly experimental mood, a looping motif with sharp and subtle orchestrations ready to implode into soulful and majestic melodies with a solemn atmosphere.

An apt ending for our voyage giving us a cinematic feeling that will present the listener with the sensation of having been part of a peculiar picture. Venal is a strong effort graced by an original take on modern industrial music not afraid to go well beyond the boundaries of the genre, mixing typical tracts with elements coming from electro-punk, alternative hip-hop, and much more. The result is a highly personal affair offering the listener something different from the usual sounds he can expect to find in industrial-tinged products. A welcome change of peace that will challenge and reward the listener.

Release date: March 3rd, 2021.

Text by: Davide Pappalardo


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