Grecco Romank – Taking The Auspices (Eeling Remix)

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In the first days of the past year 2021, Grecco Romank, a band based in Auckland (New Zealand), released Red Tower, an album that showed the perverse style of this new project composed of Damian Golfinopoulos, Billie Fee and Mikey Sperring. Grecco Romank’s deep and mournful sound has from the outset been well received by alternative radio stations and also on some of the stages in their area. Listening to the quality and originality of this first release, we can imagine their staging, with an energy that emerges from the gut and abysmal vocals that blend perfectly with Fee’s angelic locution.

Almost two years after the release of Red Tower, Grecco Romank resumes their activity again with Shred Tower, the long-awaited sequel to their first album, although this time it is totally reinterpreted by different authors, a remix album that excavates Red Tower’s eerie brutalism through mutually assured construction.

Shred Tower features tracks from twelve electronic trailblazers from Aotearoa New Zealand, London and Berlin. The result is a haunting and savage album that spans EBM, industrial, techno and experimental and the connective tissue between.

Release date: December 17th, 2022.


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