LDWG – Hyperidiocracy [Veyl]

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Hyperidiocracy is an album inspired by the vulgarity that prevails in our current social system. Life itself has become a mere showcase where each individual takes refuge in his own bubble without caring in the least about the plans being hatched from the highest political spheres, massively represented by economic interests and by despotic rulers with little commitment to the citizenry.

Skydivers opens the A-side with an intro of degraded atmosphere, giving way to Windwall, a track that starts with some extremely distorted voices that suddenly disappear with the entry of a pumping rhythm and that are again interspersed by several parts of the piece but, the most disconcerting thing is the message that is hidden in its first bars since the soundtrack of Rick and Morty can be heard in the background. Choose Weapons is a track that is located in another sound universe, with a more dynamic rhythmic line, although it shares the dirty textures and excessive treatment.  Daily Dose of Sub-Humanity stands out for being a melodic piece but, as we are seeing the style of the album developed, it is impossible not to think that its harmony is highly exposed to a radioactive field. Slow Icons closes the A-side with a harder and more forceful temperament, with an overwhelming punch.

Nove Code is the first track on the B side, a rhythmic piece with a syncopated metric and slightly altered sound treatment. False Start is a cloudy, dark ode to downtempo, with a cadence doubled in speed. With Human Insecurity System, LDWG insists on the importance it gives to percussive elements and a dominant rhythm in which the bass drum is pure pressure and the rest of the textures fit perfectly together. Tullamore’s Misantropy continues with the same formula as in the previous tracks, marked and excessively modulated breaks that occupy almost the entire piece. Wrong Structure reduces the excess of testosterone secreted by the powerful punch contained in most of the tracks on this album, in this case, the harmonic elements are equated with the rhythmic components in terms of protagonism. Isolation Disorder also yields in intensity with a volatile melody that is interrupted by the input of an elaborate rhythm. Dat Breach is the seventh and final track on the B side of the album, this time returning to the slower downtempo metric with a percussive sound more typical of styles like IDM and with an acid line that offers a more extensive musical panorama.

Hyperidiocracy is an album that stands out for its excellent sound treatment and the diversity of its 12 tracks, making it difficult to categorize with a single genre, a highly recommended release for all fans of advanced electronic music.

Release date: February 3rd, 2019.


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