Nørbak – Camera [Warm Up]

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The Portuguese producer Nørbak reappears again on the Madrid label Warm Up after two years, this time with a voluminous release, with an extensive album that shows a more versatile character of the artist himself, since he does not stick to his usual sci-fi sound.

Flesh to Ashes is an album with a clear direction towards techno that usually shows the catalogue of Oscar Mulero‘s label, however, the concept, in this occasion, is wider, and the destination of his musical contribution is more distributed, it is not concentrated in a specific public or in a particular sound, but it manages to express with different answers what techno means nowadays and all that this genre entails.

Each track requires a different technique, we can distinguish and catalogue very different expressions in each of them. The first one, called Intro, exercises as its title indicates, as a short preamble that prepares you placidly for a sound combat. What follows is a succession of techno interpretations, with the depth and groove of tracks like Genese and Land of Sin, the dynamism of Duductible Ethic and Collective Disbelief, the hypnotism of Rune Value and Interference of Authority, the cosmic abyss of Flesh to Ashes, the introspective sound of Camera or the mysticism of the Third Morality.

Release date: January 29th, 2020.


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