Reeko – 852 Hz [Donations Records]

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Donations Records is a label that is just over a year old and is part of Donations Project, a Catalan non-profit platform created to promote culture, and at the same time to help and support the most vulnerable groups.

There are many artists who, in this complicated situation, have decided to contribute their work to help the most needy people, and some of them are established producers, as is the case of Reeko.

Juan Rico responds to a variety of nicknames that correspond to the different artistic aspects that flow from him, a characteristic that defines his personality and forms an intrinsic part of the artist. Producing and performing under different names allows him to concentrate thoroughly and faithfully on a particular idea or style and momentarily set aside sounds and influences that don’t fit the persona he embodies at the time. The result is devastating and Reeko deserves his place among the Spanish and global techno elite.

When the echoes of his last work are still resounding, Reeko releases this solidarity work for Donations Records. The album that he gives to Donations Project goes further, “852HZ” is one of the Solfeggio frequencies, these sound frequencies are used for healing purposes and belong to a very different scale to the modern one we know at this time, specifically 852Hz (tone A) is related to vision, consciousness and spiritual order. This work that Reeko presents to us delves into this, evoking sounds of great depth and drones that start from this note reaching a great experimental content and with which it helps to observe introspection and attention to the subject’s own internal processes.

Release date: July 13th, 2021.


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