Sirio Gry J – SYNNECROSIS [Monolith Records]

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Berlin-based producer Sirio Gry J aka Sirio Grimaldi is the brain behind the underground techno label Monolith Records and the author of uncompromising, abrasive but intelligent techno-industrial music. He is also one of the main act in the roster of inter-disciplinary entity Liber Null Berlin.

After the conceptual limited cassette “Shreds From The Netherworld”, a voyage into experimental electronic soundscapes and proper techno numbers, he returns on his own label with SYNNECROSIS – a 12-track juggernaut which continues the aesthetic and sonic theme of works like Unknown, Three Laws Of Robotics and Posthuman Condition, all previous albums and EPs on Monolith.

Sirio shapes a doomish, obsessive, grinding example of painstakingly conceived techno-industrial music based not on fast-paced club numbers but slow rhythmic episodes playing with minimal structures, uneasy construction and grim, dystopian atmospheres.

Conceptual cyberpunk undertones enrich tracks like Technocracy, a cinematic affair with modulated layers of noise and crawling bass sounds, or the pulsating militant Molecular Stasis, a perfect example of rhythmic synthesis.

Model Disruption sees the synthwork of longtime collaborator Scam, whom helps the building of an engrossing mantra made of droning motives and kicks patterns, while Technifetish Nihilism is a noise affair with distorted loops and a sharp, grinding modus operandi close to power electronics.

Sozialtechnik is a collaboration with like-minded artist Hypnoskull, an eerie march with heavy bass sounds and filtered vocals chanting a post-human mantra.

SYNNECROSIS is far from any revival, fashion, trend, club-minded logic. You won’t find fast EBM basslines or trance-inspired numbers, nor nostalgic moments looking to past decades. Sirio’s vision is firmly rooted in a mindset where techno is an expression of post-industrial aesthetics and hard sci-fi themes. What if an all-encompassing A.I would gain control all of the molecular structure of our planet? Would a hybrid system made of mechanical parts and biomass reaches a perfectly static condition where every process is so regulated that evolution itself would become obsolete? These and more questions are posed via engaging but demanding electronic music which actively challenges its listener.

Release date: November 12th, 2021.

Text by: Davide Pappalardo.


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