The Newcomer- The Newcomer´s albums [Opal Tapes]

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The Newcomer, also known as Young Montana?, opened in 2017 Beatrice & Annie (Opal Tapes’s sub-label) with Earth Motivation, now returns to the parent label with a release originally launched in April 2018 on the now defunct Beatrice & Annie label. Opal Tapes reissues both of The Newcomers albums of estranged dance music on crystallised cassette format, sense memories drained directly from the V-chip inside the stone.

Reality Used To Be A Friend Of Mine is inspired by Jonathan Pritchard’s earliest musical memories, in the great days when electronic music was at the top of the UK charts.  According to the author this album “is the combination of those early influences fed back through the alienation i felt around 2014-2015. and yet, there are moments of transcendence too”.

Reality Used To Be A Friend Of Mine will be available this February 22nd and Earth Motivation will be this March 22nd. As usual with Opal Tapes, the releases will be published in cassette format.


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