VA – NADRYV 01 [Flux Musical Art & Nadryv Records]

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NADRYV 01 is the recording debut of Nadryv Records, a new label based in Berlin that is open to any artistic proposal that involves exploring new fields of sound, whatever its nature and concept, and as long as it is innovative, creative and represents a cultural value independent of the usual argument. But this new project is not alone in this first incursion into the music industry, as it has as allies Myopia Studios and the Italian label Flux Musical Art, which has jointly published this release with Nadryv Records.

This album is not a simple release that brings together tracks from eleven different producers, but aims to dedicate all the prominence to the artist, giving them more visibility and supporting them with different presentations in which they update us on all the work that each author has done. That is why, since its launch, each track has its own music video, which also details the career of each artist. 

Xandr.vasiliev is a Moscow based modular synth abuser, mostly known for his live performances. Being a techno/dnb butcher at nights, his real musical passion lies in constructing rough ambient objects and balancing between open sound violence and discipline. “Carbon Lips is something that can be so close, loving and delicate making you so vulnerable. And at the same moment so ice cold and emotionless.. Carbon Lips is a road with a dead end. You fucking smash the gas pedal and you know that it will kill you but you have no other option. It is the worst fear – when you realize you’re alive and ok but dead next minute. It’s that moment before you’re fucked up when time stretches and you understand there’s no chances.”

Fangarm is a modular techno artist and co-creator of the Norwegian label Physical Pattern. He usually performs improvised modular acts with the supplement of visuals and light. His sounds are leaning towards noise and techno, creating heavy and noisy soundscapes

Leere (noun. die Leere – emptiness) is a project launched by Daria Leere in 2016. Daria’s sound continues to spin her outings into the dark soundscapes: It plays with the old, powerful sounds of her synthesizer and the driving force of the drum computer; originals from the 1980s. In her music Daria skillfully weaves elements of Industrial and EBM, and calls her style «aggressive romance».

Huren’s Autiomaa through its erratic creative process (long forgotten recording, revisited by chance) represents each seemingly unrelated circumstance improbable and dormant suddenly intertwined…”

Dominik Müller is an industrial techno artist and founder of Furanum Records. Dominik’s productions and sets gravitate toward dark, industrial techno: a form driven by pounding percussion layered with spacious soundscapes, and infused with cogent mechanical reverberations. His latest project is a collaboration with Rafał Fürst under the alias Uncto. Some of Dominik’s current discography can be found on labels such as Gegen Records, Locked Records, Limetree, Ante-Rasa, Nheoma, Audioexit Records, Neural Network and Nadryv Records.

The track “Ddhrat´” is inspired by a meditation on how to welcome any kind of adversity in our life, while maintaining a status of non-fear and self-confidence

Created in the summer of 1992 by Belgian/German Patrick Stevens (°1973), Hypnoskull was in its first years of existence active in the international tape scene of post-industrial music. Releasing full tapes on labels all around the globe, Hypnoskull rapidly became a visible project in the international underground scene of experimental electronic music. When Stevens started recording techno in 1994 and got signed at the famous Belgian label KK records, resulting in appearances in the nineties techno scene and clubs under various aliases, he as well started to experiment injecting 4/4 beats and structures into the hypnoskull biotope resulting in the signing of the project at German label Anti-Zen and Hymen records. Ever since 1997, the expanding discography was mainly released by the cult label. Considered as one of the pioneers in mixing both techno as well as ‘industrial’ and ‘noise’ elements in the nineties, his founding member status of the project Sonar, and collaborations with various other producers, it may not come as a surprise that the hypnoskull project in 2021 still gets a lot of attention in the realms of industrial techno. In the last decade, hypnoskull expanded regular club sets and shows with theatrical performances where he collaborates with contemporary choreographers, dancers, theatre actors, directors, and video-artists in different surroundings. Last but not least, hypnoskull’s highly political content and views, as well as an explicit anti-business mentality often caused and still cause discussion feeding his status as enfant terrible of both post-industrial as well as underground techno scenes.

“The initial idea of “Rinsed Aura” was built by inspirations from the mutation of “social repression”. Citizens claim their own “justice”, surveil each other, and it makes them too blind to look at the essence of matter. Social media and pandemic accelerated those fragmentation of people, as Frances Haugen mentioned about Facebook’s algorithm. Both sound and lyrics of “Rinsed Aura” represent not only frustrations against the friction among our society, but also glorification of strength and Imagination of suppressed people.”

LunarEscapeSystem is an electronic music duo that explores electronic sound and has developed their sonic language, inspired by the natural sound of the elements, modern urban chaos, space’s phenomena and silence. LES is an ambient/soundscape/techno project.

Release date: December 3rd, 2021.


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