Verge – Impermanence [Veyl]

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We know little about Verge, as his activity as a producer is so far limited to 2 references published in 2017 and 2018 on the Berlin-based label Avian and the Paris-based platform Rengaine respectively. Verge has shown from the beginning a great creative solvency, and although we have only been able to enjoy two of his works, he already suggests us about the style and sound that he is going to use in his next release.

Veyl releases Verge’s second album, once again a powerful label bets on the atmospheric and highly degraded sound of the Irish artist. According to the label, these 12 tracks are the soundtrack of the rest of this horrible year, and that is that Impermanence is based on nature itself, in which any living being is destined to suffer and lose any condition that life itself has given him. Nothing remains forever, one’s own existence is consumed to make way for future forms of life, and everything always under the negative point of pain that appears with the end of a cycle.

Impermanence is an album in which the author represents this decadence with 12 tracks in which he mixes the depth of the drones with low quality sound treatments, but it does not always offer a dirty and sad result, since in some cuts he executes magnificent harmonic combinations that change the unfortunate sense to a more placid and beautiful attitude.

Release date: November 9th, 2020.


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