Violet Poison – LSD Take One [Concrete Records]

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Concrete Records recovers several tracks from Violet Poison‘s first stage. Archives (2013-2014) is, as the epigraph indicates, a compilation of tracks created by the Italian producer between 2013 and 2014, old projects that were left on standby and that now, after a few years, he rescues to release them on Concrete Records.

This 4-tracker shows a rebellious and insurrectionist sound, with the rough personality that can be expected from a release designed with different points of view of what we can call industrial. Psychic Totem opens the EP with a ceremonial and combative rhythm, with an intimidating voice and a gloomy environment. Disarticolazione Cranica increases the intensity of the release and bases its main sound on a powerful synth line integrated into the rhythmic part, which in addition to generating movement, mutates to give prominence to the rest of the elements. LSD Take One sticks to an obsessive aspect, its sound structure and rhythmic pattern varying very little, a condition which, together with the grainy textures, gives it a narcotic character. The release closes with the floating, hypnotic techno of Ultratelekinesis.

Release date: May 14th, 2021.


Arnaud Rebotini

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